The GBS Girls Swim Team will begin on Wednesday, August 12th.  All levels will practice that first week from 4:00-6:00 pm on the first day.   Please be aware….Due to the small pool being repaired we may change some practice times. Keep checking

Please read our TEAM LETTER for more details about the season.   All divers will begin on Monday, August 17th.   Every Swimmer must have a physical on file and have a permit to participate from the athletic office.  You can receive a permit to participate by going to the Athletic Director’s office in the Main Gym.  The athletic Department secretary (chris Valles 847-486-4424) will look each athlete up on the computer to make sure they have a physical on file.  She will then give the athlete (or parent) a permit which the athlete should bring to the first day of practice. Chris Valles is usually in the office 9-11 and 1-3 Mon-FRi…..she should be there until 3:30 on Wednesday the 12th.